Gift Giving

Are you wanting to send a thoughtful, handcrafted gift to someone you love? In addition to trying to be mindful of the impact our individual product packaging has on the world, we've spent a lot of time thinking about how we can send packages by mail that spread joy in an environmentally friendly way.
We would love to wrap up your Love Cultivated order in our beautifully designed eco-friendly custom tissue paper, include a hand-written note on your behalf on a postcard featuring our sweet goat Carmen in her flower crown, and enclose it in a fully compostable/recyclable box to be mailed to your special recipient. Thanks to the fantastic shipping supply company NoIssue, even our custom paper tape is fully compostable!
Please include a note to us with gifting instructions and the message you'd like your recipient to receive as you place your online order! We're all about cultivating love - and environmental responsibility!