About Us

Have you ever been in a situation where you made the decision to follow your heart instead of your head?

That’s where I found myself ten years ago. For many years I balanced motherhood and a job in the research field until the whispers of my spirit were calling so loudly that I needed to listen. After doing some deep soul searching around what my own heart was called to do, and what it meant to take care of myself while honoring my passions, I left my desk job, created a beautiful garden filled with flowers and produce, and purchased two little Nigerian Dwarf goats. I got my hands in the soil working on a local organic farm and discovered the world of cold-process soap making & small batch jam production.

Having very vivid memories of helping my mother and grandmother preserve, I fell in love with the process of jam making, and found the alchemy of transforming fruit to be a way to stay connected to the farming work that I had grown to love.

Jam and soap making both embody a beautiful spirit of transformation; an essence which fascinates me every time I create.  I feel that same spirit emerging in the world, and I’m inspired by the idea that through our lives and work, however humble, we can positively transform the world on a larger scale.

5% of Love Cultivated’s profits support The Center for Farmworker Families, a Central California based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of farmworkers and their families through a broad range of services. Through our customers’ support and purchases we hope to utilize community as a tool for renewal of the value that everyone's contribution and life is deserving of respect.